Day Walks

Day walks are a fantastic way to add a breath of fresh air into your life both figuratively and literally! Just arrive with a hearty packed lunch, clothes to be on the hill all day and Lizzy will sort the rest!


A social history of the Beacons as told by the landscape – £40


An excavated cairn on the route with a bag for scale

An excavated bronze aged cairn

This journey into the past will see roman forts, built to hold back a guerrilla army. Celtish stone circles with fantastic geometry and alignments to the sun and north, as well as pre industrial terracing.

All this is juxta-positioned with modern forestry, water networks and farming.


The Black Mountain: Escarpments and Lakes – £40

Looking forwards and back at the walk to come along the escarpment and back down to the mysterious lake

Looking along the route

Discover the fascinating tale of the lady in the lake, visit the highest point in the Black Mountain, Fan Brycheiniog, huddle out the wind in a spectacular summit wind break, eat a mid morning snack in a traditional mountain bothy, and stumble upon an ancient stone circle. All in a day walk in the Brecon Beacons.

The North Downs: Farthing Downs and Happy Valley – £40


Looking into a misty Happy Valley at Dawn

Looking into a misty Happy Valley at Dawn


This walk will introduce you to one of the amazing Lungs of London. Bought by the City of London in 1878 this area was designed to allow Victorian Londoners to escape the smog, breathe clean air and reconnect with nature. Almost 150 years later and it’s still doing the same thing.

The walk will deliver wide open spaces, fantastic views of the London Sky line (weather permitting), a history of British agriculture and burial techniques. As well as a Saxon Church, a country pub for lunch and a meeting with traditional breeds of cattle and sheep.

All this within a 23 minute train ride of London Bridge!

Chilterns – Ashridge Estate and Ivinghoe Beacon – £40

Bridgewater Monument

Bridgewater Monument

Arriving into Tring you are immediately in the Chilterns, fresh air, small villages, farms, woodland, and the Grand Union Canal are all visible from the station. You’ll walk through Aldbury, up onto the ridge into the woods of Ashridge Park. In  Asshridge Park you’ll explore some of Britain’s most unique asset its mixed woodland, and get stunning vistas of the Bridgewater Monument. If you’re lucky you might also get a glimpse of some of the Fallow and Muntjac deer that roam the park freely. We continue to the highest point in the county, Ivinghoe Beacon where you can see the stunning white Lion near Whipsnade.