A social history of the Beacons as told by the landscape

Meeting at the carpark in the morning we will head North towards the Usk reservoir. The journey into the past begins with an excavated cairn dating back to the Bronze age. As we continue our walk we move further forward in history, finding the remains of a roman road clearly marked into the landscape, due to the later quarrying of the gravel that it was made up of.

An excavated cairn on the route with a bag for scale

An excavated cairn on the route with a bag for scale

The Roman Road leads us directly to a Roman fortlet and motte overlooking the glacial valley. Further along on our walk on the side of a hill we will walk amongst the old walls of the two forts built to try and control and “rebel celts”.

We then walk along an ancient ‘track way’ that leads from a Cairn down terracing that is still visible form the Bronze age – Thats up to 4000 years ago! From here our journey into the past ends and we refocus on the present. Looking at the horses grazing on the common land, walking though areas of forestry and catching glimpses of the Usk Reservoir as we return.

Keep an eye out for the Red Kites, these intelligent birds hang in the air with their wings turned up looking like a miniature modern aircraft.



£40 per person or £200 for a private group booking.


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